AddProvider (name, provider)

Adds anew provider to the Gorgon for use with caching

name string

Name of the provider

provider IGorgonCacheProvider

Your storage provider, see Custom Storage Providers for further instructions.




import Gorgon from '@gorgonjs/gorgon';
import myProvider from './myAwesomeProvider';

Gorgon.addProvider('my-awesome-provider', myProvider);
Gorgon.settings({defaultProvider: 'my-awesome-provider'});

IGorgonCacheProvider Type

interface IGorgonCacheProvider {
  init: () => Promise<void>;
  get: (key: string) => Promise<any>;
  set: <R>(key: string, value: R, policy: GorgonPolicySanitized) => Promise<R>;
  clear: (key?: string) => Promise<boolean>;
  keys: () => Promise<string[]>;

export type GorgonPolicySanitized = {
  expiry: number | false; // time from now in ms or cache forever
  provider: string;